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... this is the only product that truly works for my dad with his cpap and means he keeps it on all night without getting frustrated and throwing it off!  Melissa, New Zealand.  

Thanks to the MaskMate cream I have gotten the best sleep and feel more energized after getting a good nights rest and most of all I am able to keep my beard!!!!!! There is no redness or marks on my face.   Jonathan from NC

 I don’t write many product reviews, because I buy too many things on Amazon to spend a lot of time on that. However, this is the product that warrants my attention, and hopefully other CPAP/BiPAP users out there.

     I have been in therapy several years ago when on regular BiPAP because I couldn’t get a good mask fit. I never received the proper fitting, all I received was supplies. Now my AHI score is so high that I now require an auto servo ventilator, which pushes pressures of 18 to 25.
     Since this is a relatively new product, I didn’t have much to go by regarding reviews. If you are a CPAP/BiPAP user that sacrifices therapy because of leaking mask, this product is definitely worth the money. It should last a long time because only a little is required. I actually spoke with Jamie, a very dedicated and caring young lady who really cares about her “baby.” Slightly tacky but not at all greasy or slippery. I love this product! Speaking to the owner was a definite plus....John from California

I love your product, works great!  Fran from PA