No prescription needed for our products.

Hi, I am Jamie Roberts Leader and I am a registered polysomnographic technologist as registered with the Board of Registered Sleep Technologists (BRPT), a Clinical Sleep Educator (BRPT), Certified in Clinical Sleep Health (BRPT), Registered Sleep Technologist through the American Board of Sleep Medicine, Registered Electrodiagnostsic Technologist 
through American Board of Registration of  Electroencphalographic  Technologists (ABRET) and Certified Sleep Science Coach through the Spencer Institute.   

During my foray into sleep medicine I have had the opportunity to work with many companies setting up patients on CPAP machines and was also the National Clinical Educator for a CPAP mask manufacturer.  While working with patients and their mask issues, I realized there are needs that haven't been addressed.  These include but are not limited to SKIN BREAK DOWN, skin irritation and air leaks.  Petroleum based products could degrade the silicone masks.  Lubricants can cause leaks due to slippage.

I worked hard to find something that would actually work for patients.  This
silicone based compound is a moisture resistant paste.  It is slightly tacky so that the mask seal stays in place.  Sweat and humidity within the mask are no match for this product.  MaskMate also helps to seal with facial hair.

I also realized along the way that the number one sleep issue , INSOMNIA, has been not addressed nearly as much as sleep apnea.  Partially because CPAP can be a easier fix.  This inspired me to become a Certified Sleep Science Coach.